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IntelliRIS is a Radiology Information System (RIS). It is advanced, fast, flexible, scalable and customizable to cater to various client requirements. Each client is unique and expects the RIS to be tuned to his needs. Making RIS customizable makes it possible for an administrator to modify the look and feel of the RIS to match what client wants without the need of the development team or any changes to the code. The IntelliRIS fully comply with the HIPAA rules. Radiologist is the user who logs into the system to read the cases and generate radiology reports.

  • IntelliRIS supports auto order entry and auto report send feature.
  • It is fully compatible on various versions of HL7 standard.
  • Dicom Image Parsing feature is available for better patient management.
  • Auto faxing feature send back the report to hospitals


is a web based Picture archiving and communication system. The system provides Faster delivery of medical images to the clinicians that evaluate and report on them. This can lead to speedier availability of results. Instant access to historic images and patient records. It also provides the conditional routing of images on predefined locations. It can also route the images on fly. User can download the images. Header manipulation is also provided in this product.


is a web based project for managing licensing and credentials. The system would ensure that all the data relevant to physicians and applications are stored at a central location so that all users may have access to the latest and updated information. The system would have functionality to make the process of applying for licenses and credentials faster and more efficient and would minimize errors. The system would also keep users updated about the pending license renewals and license expiry dates. Every state and facility in United States has different applications and documents required system automatically fills these applications and maintain follow up.


being a web-based solution attempts to provide its users with real time access to patient information, study reports and billing information for Preliminary reports. The Order Entry Screen facilitates fast and easy input of patient request details. The system ensures that only radiologists credentialed are available for assignment of the order.